Featuring 4K resolution, the 70" Class (69.5" diagonal) PNL705H interactive display enhances the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® lineup. Stunning 4K Ultra-HD resolution reproduces your content accurately with incredibly precise rendering of colour and detail. It offers the SHARP Pen-on-Paper™ user experience promised by the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system series, providing revolutionary writing comfort close to actually using a pen to write on real paper. The PNL705H interactive display can play an especially valuable role in the architecture, design and video industries, as well as in museums and libraries, all of which require precise detail and superior interactivity.

4K Ultra-HD Quality
The PNL705H interactive display employs an LCD panel with 4K Ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixel) resolution. This 70" Class (69.5" diagonal) LCD monitor, with four times the resolution of full-HD, renders the textures of videos and images and reproduces the nest details of small text and intricate graphics. Besides the obvious benefits for office and educational settings, the PNL705H interactive display practically engulfs the viewer in highly realistic sensations and detailed accuracy. It satisfies the needs of professionals in industries such as architecture and engineering, as well as in academic settings and creative sectors.

Capacitive Touch Technology
Sharp's original Capacitive Touch Technology gives the PNL705H interactive display highly sensitive touchscreen operation. It allows ultra-precise multiple touch inputs to be detected on X and Y conductive grids etched onto layers of the display. This achieves high sensitivity and precision by reducing the noise level to one-eighth of conventional models. Say goodbye to unintended input errors. You can operate and write on the screen as intended with touch pens or fingers, and gain maximum benefit from its superb performance.

Direct Bonding Technology
Thanks to Direct Bonding Technology, the PNL705H interactive display provides a consistent and natural feeling when you write on the screen. The LCD panel is bonded directly to the protective glass layer, thereby eliminating the air gap between them. This minimizes the parallax difference and reduces the reflection and refraction of light. As a result, onscreen touch and writing operations are smooth and the display looks natural and offers clear visibility.

High-precision Touch Pen with Pointer
This pressure-sensitive pointer pen fits comfortably in your hand and provides outstanding ease-of-use. With a 2 mm-pen tip, it enables you to draw thin lines or write ne text with high precision. In conjunction with the direct bonding and capacitive touch technologies employed by the PNL705H interactive display, it enhances the value of the Sharp Pen-on-Paper user experience. This multifunctional touch pen has buttons to control frequently used functions including page up/down, right mouse click, and the SHARP Pen Software link. It also has an LED indicator synchronized with the selected pen colour. Plus, it has a pointer function, enabling you to indicate specific items on the PNL705H interactive display from a distance. Up to four people can use the pointer pens simultaneously and customize their own pointer icon including the shape, size and colour which enhances effective and efficient interaction and collaboration.

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